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Welcome to the UN.

You will be representing a national delegation in a United Nations committee. For instance, Japan in UNESCO on the topic of Climate Change.

You may also represent an important figure during a crisis committee, such as Alexander Hamilton in Early America.

Experiencing political power is very different than reading about it.

Refine Your Diplomacy.

Diplomacy is a simple word to describe a complex process. We run workshops to develop the following skills.

Collegiate Model UN is an intimidating method to learn public speaking. There are hostile questions, speaking times around one minute, and heavy improvisation. And after a year of it, you will be leagues ahead of your colleagues.

But speeches are not enough. Finding common interests and negotiating with other countries is key in Model UN.

Lastly, you will need to meet other diplomats. Lots of them. MUN will teach you effective networking.


The Campaign Trail

Colombia, Sep 27-30

Georgetown, Oct 18-21

Yale, Oct 25-28

UPENN, Nov 8-11

HuskyMUN III, December 1st

McGill (Canada), Jan 26-29*

Brown, Mar 2-4*

Mt. Holyoke, Mar 23-25*

U. Chicago, Mar 29-Apr 1*


Monteith 226 at 7:00pm on Mondays

Email us: team@tmun(dot)org

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