Intercollegiate Conference Hosted by the Travel Model UN Team.

What is HuskyMUN?

Founded in December 2017 HuskyMUN served as an intercollegiate conference in order to compete with local colleges and increase our exposure to the world of Model UN. Being a semesterly conference HuskyMUN is going onto its 4th iteration April 27st, 2019. HuskyMUN has been run as a general assembly style and topics range from the Syrian Refugee Crisis, to Space Exploration and Development. Colleges who have competed in the past include Trinity College and the Naval Academy Preparatory School. It is an excellent way to experience the competitiveness of an actual Model UN conference for all students.

Who Can Participate?

Any UCONN student may participate, and any college or university may send a delegation. Experience is not an issue. We actually encourage people newer to Model UN to come to HuskyMUN. In order to participate contact There is no fee to participate.